What Clients Are Saying?

TK for me has been an interesting process of changing perspectives on everything I thought I knew. An introduction to a new way of looking at my life. Very positive and very different.
Tyler S.
Glass Blower
Matt's great. Doing TK work with him has helped me discover a lot of issues that I had hidden away that were negatively affecting my life. I feel more confident in expressing myself because of him.
Matt G.
Massage Therapist
My experience with Matthew Britt is exceptional. He holds space and meets me where I am without judgements. His honesty and transparency is something I not only value but try to emulate as well. If you find yourself lost in this world he is a great guide to usher you to the next adventure. I've only been working with him a short time and consider him a mentor and friend.
Brandon M.
I've never had TK work done, but I am currently treating MDD and GAD with multiple modalities. My work with Matt was concise and to the point. We were able to get to "roots" rather quickly. He is very effective at getting to the core of  my limiting beliefs to make the session most effective. 
Katrina S.
It doesn’t seem like it should accomplish what it does, but my depression has gone away and I feel more focused on my life. I only had three visits, I was in therapy for six months trying to accomplish that.
Aaron W.
I had 3 sessions with Matt and each one of them was a great experience. So much was revealed to me about myself and I walked away from each session feeling amazed, lighthearted and excited to return. Matt is a delight to work with. His easy demeanour put me at ease which made me feel safe and trusting. I look forward to more sessions with Matt and highly recommend him to anyone.
Vida A.
When I first started TK I really had no idea what it was or what to expect. I immediately felt safe and comfortable with Matt. He has a way of listening and telling me what he hears that really helps me decipher what is holding me back. After the session, I felt great but I didn’t feel any drastic differences. But as the days and weeks went on life just seemed better, I was happier, I felt good, my life seemed to be changing around me. I have a totally new understanding of what it means to live this life. I see things in a different light now. I have been 5 times and I will continue having TK in my life forever. Thank you Matt!
April H.
Massage Therapist
TK was one of the most profound and effective therapies I have ever experienced. This work helped me move through all my “stuff” at such a profound level. I felt so clear and light at the end, and I only did one session. I have done regular therapy and we just reviewed all my past issues, but nothing shifted and I kept having the same patterns. TK helps to clear those patterns and make room for new ones. Matt is an incredible facilitator. He is compassionate and knowledgeable. I felt very safe during our session. I strongly recommend this work to anyone that wants to have a truly profound experience of awareness, a letting go and a healing.
Katie B.
Yoga Instructor
By experiencing TK I became much more aware of the energy that is constantly active making me who I am. I see that we and the world around us are  made up of energy, and it makes sense that we store energy from emotional pain and unresolved grief in our bodies. I found that the art of TK uncovered core beliefs that were affecting my emotional health every day. I was able to identify inner elements that I was unaware of and further, to relate them to each other in a way that was illuminating. I could clearly see how these things were shaping my life and just as easily remove them with the guided meditations. As above, so below became a real thing for me. I recommend TK to anyone wanting to dig deeper and heal their emotional bodies!
Patti R.
Matthew is a master transpersonal kinesiology practitioner. Through his knowledge and centered presence, he facilitated my getting to the core of many issues I had been working on for years in just a few sessions. I so appreciate his direct yet compassionate approach. He enables a client to find empowerment through discovering his/her own truth...and he has an amazing way of guiding one through the landscape of his/her own shadow to bring light to the obstacles on one’s Soul journey. I highly recommend working with him if you are ready to clear your path, bring consciousness to your hidden strengths, and lead a full life!
Kelly C.
I was hesitant at first. But after that first TK session with Matt the results were nothing short of amazing. Going in I felt every negative thing you could name towards myself and afterwards I felt like I could live again. . But that was only the beginning. I was beginning to realize how deeply broken I was from a long dark life of abuse,  neglect and addiction (I'm 47 now). I believed that I was hopelessly broken and would just go on to the end like this--whatever that looked like. With each session Matt used the muscle testing to show me areas that needed healing I didn't know existed. I looked into myself deeper than I ever could have imagined or had the courage to dare. But with TK it was quick and painless and left me feeling light and free. I thought I was beyond repair and the relief is indescribable to know that healing is possible. Today I dare to hope. I'm on a wild ride of recovery and I know it's not over. Sometimes I want to laugh and pinch myself because this is really me. I'm alive and progressing and actually have hope. I was so afraid of what was down inside me I was resigned to die before feeling any of it. But, with Matt's help I've learned that I'm a Soul, that I have the power to heal, and that it happens from the inside out. 

I am a Hawaiian woman and we have the principle of 'pono' in our culture; being right and in balance with the world and within ourselves. With each TK session I discovered something new that made me uncomfortable, but for just a moment. Matt has a sense of humor and reminds me that everything is going to be alright. So I go on. Each time something I've been avoiding comes up we quickly transform it and it is always replaced with something that is more the true me. I am becoming 'pono'  with my body, mind, emotions and Spirit. My inner Spirit can shine through this old shell after all. And I'm on the path to becoming the Hawaiian woman I always wanted to be. Greta A.
Greta A.
Matt 1

As we align with our Soul or True Self drama and illusion become unstable and fall away. Healing just happens

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