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What Can I Expect The Personal Day Retreat To Be Like?

Unique. Your day retreat will be a one of a kind experience. As your special day gets closer, we will be meeting by telephone or in person. By asking about your intentions and aspirations, I will be able to feel into you for inspiration.  And at the same time, you will get acquainted with me. Out of this communion will come our unique chemistry. From this I will be able to formulate a response tailored to meet your needs on multiple levels.

This labyrinth is located on a windward shoreline of Maui. That means that all the elements of nature are part of the experience; sun, wind, sea mist and sometimes rain. If the sky does open up, Hawaiian lore claims that the raindrops are the fingertips of the ancestors blessing us. One thing I can promise that no one else can, that you will meet and talk story with the actual builder of the labyrinth shown. Unorthodox and reclusive, he is only known locally and in person. 

Full-Day Retreats Includes:

Guided Healing Meditation – 30 Minutes
Transformational Kinesiology or Spiritual Counseling – 1.5 Hour
Refreshment – Organic Fresh Juice with Superfoods & Herbal Tea
Nature Immersion: Ocean, Waterfall, Hike – 1.5 Hours
Organic Lunch – Local Flavors
Labyrinth Journey – 1.5 Hour

Half-Day Retreats Includes:

Guided Healing Meditation – 30 Minutes
TK or Spiritual Counseling Session – 1.5 Hour
Refreshment – Organic Fresh Juice with Superfoods & Herbal Tea
Labyrinth Journey – 1.5 Hour

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Matthew Britt

Wellness Facilitator

With my Signature Service, you’ll have an experience on Maui like no other.

Why Book A Personalized Retreat

If you wanted this trip to Maui to be restorative, here it is.

If you’ve done it all on Maui and you still want more, here it is. 

Unique and one of a kind

Sensitively tailored to meet your needs

Experience meaningful connection with yourself and the environment

Social distancing is easily maintained

Leave with experiences of lasting value

How to prepare for your Personal Day Retreat:

 Preparing for your Personal Day Retreat means preparing for anything and everything. This day excursion will be entirely outdoors, so prepare for any weather. Bring a change of clothes so you can dress accordingly; jacket, sun hat, alternate slippers or shoes. Bring a towel or cushion as we may choose an outdoor site for meditation. We will discuss everything in much more detail when we talk in person.

 A note about weather: We will be on the windward (aka sometimes wet) side of the island. To assure the best conditions possible I might move your scheduled time a few hours, or even days. The climate changes every few miles on Maui, so don’t let the weather man scare you. He could be talking about somewhere else. I will do everything within my power to time your journey so it’s a pleasant one.

Booking Your Day Retreat Starts Here

 Scheduling The Appointment

Generally I’m available Monday thru Thursday, between 9am – 5pm HST, appointments can be arranged at other times.  Compare your time zone with HST here

I will confirm the date and time you requested on the checkout page by text or email.

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