Frequently Answered Questions

To make an appointment, please TEXT me at (8O8)-269-1987. I don’t use voice mail. When leaving a TEXT message, please let me know your full name and phone number, and which days and times you might be available to meet.

You can schedule a free 20 minute consultation here. (Link to Contact Page)

Kinesiology is the study of the movement of the muscle system. Through muscle testing, a form of bio-feedback, TK practitioners are able to discover information stored in the physical-etheric, emotional and mental bodies. We use this tool to remove blockages and align the different planes in order to facilitate purposeful and powerful forward movement in a person’s life.

We’re going to sit and talk while we discover what is blocking you from achieving your goals. If you don’t know your goal, I promise you we’ll find it. We will use muscle testing the entire time to ensure that ‘you are the only one guiding the work.’ In the balancing part of a session we will use mostly visualization and spoken affirmation, but sometimes sound, scent, color, crystals, movement or contacting reflex points to communicate with your Higher Self. I know, it may sound foreign…but it works. See the about page for more description.

It’s up to you. Deep work can be done very quickly and painlessly, so don’t expect me to keep you around longer than necessary. I’m on a mission to put you in charge of your life, though. So, in the beginning I’ll probably recommend at least a couple meet ups to get you grounded on your path. I only win when you’re free. A lot of my clients love the work and return regularly so take a look at the packages. We can discuss duration during the free consultation.

We are complex, multidimensional beings and there are countless ways for our systems to fall out of harmony.  Many of us have spent half a lifetime collecting trauma, pain, grief, delusions, illusions and falling out of connection with ourselves; the second half sorting it out. It’s the stuff we got from not getting a user’s manual for Life when we were born. At times change comes quickly, at times slowly. There is no formula for determining ahead of time how long a course of therapy will last, but consistency and regularity help.

No. However, I maintain a portion of my practice for those who require a reduced fee. If you would like to discuss this possibility, please let me know this prior to setting up your first appointment, as these slots are subject to availability. We’ll discuss your situation as it relates to the fee when we meet for consultation.

Cash, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal and all major credit cards accepted for payment.

Personal growth is best accomplished when sessions are attended regularly and consistently, so it is to your benefit to keep appointments. That said, some situations are unavoidable. If you need to cancel a session, please contact me as soon as possible. I will make every effort to reschedule your appointment within the week within my available hours.

“If Grace can’t penetrate to the deepest, most shame bound wounds then what the hell good is it?”

Matt Britt

TK Practitioner

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