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Have you ever asked yourself, “Why the hell am I still working on this issue?” Followed by, “I don’t know what to do about it anyhow, so I’ll just ignore it?” These are commonly held thoughts leading up to what is called spiritual bypassing, or pretending we’re OK when we’re not. I knew it well until I found a little known transformational system that changed everything.

I won’t tell my whole story now, but in my life, I have experienced a dizzying array of therapies trying to heal myself. I’ve done CBT, body work, grief work, inner child work, chiropractic, EMDR and hypnosis just to name a few. They all helped a little to nudge me forward. I’ve even worked the steps in four different 12 step programs (and continue to do so). Talk about being willing! I’m definitely grateful for the skills I’ve accumulated and love to share them when I can.

But, no matter what I did I still felt incomplete. Like I was waiting to pass through…something. I now identify that something as the dark night of the Soul. Having experienced that darkness and the transformative effect it had on me, I now stand on the other side with the clarity to guide others through as well. Let me show you the way.

But first, it’s not a secret. And since it’s your birthright anyhow, I’ll tell you right now. What ends the Dark Night of the Soul is becoming conscious of our Soul nature. Remembering who we are, reconnecting with ourselves, tapping in to our Inner Wisdom, however you choose to label it. That’s it. It sounds simple, but isn’t always easy. It helps to have a guide. One who isn’t afraid of the dark, so to speak. That’s where I come in. The greatest joy in my life now is to see someone else take control of theirs.

Note: “I just gave you the secret.”

I want to offer to you the same solution I found for myself fifteen years ago. It was a very dark time in my life when I first received what is called Transformational Kinesiology, or TK. It was so quick, precise and painless I could hardly believe it. I got results right away and they stuck with me. My first impression was that if aliens invented psychotherapy this is what it would look like. I had to have this. I soon became a dedicated student and a practitioner. I learned how to solve problems for myself and others that seemed impossible to overcome. In the intervening years I’ve helped countless people find freedom.

“My greatest joy is to see others set themselves free.”

Today, I blend my practice of Transformational Kinesiology with transpersonal techniques and spiritual wisdom. Along with this practice I apply the working knowledge from three decades of 12 Step experience. The work itself puts the physical, emotional and mental bodies in coordination with the Inner Wisdom. I bring the emotional intelligence to know your challenge, the intuitive capacities to guide you to discover your core limitations and the tools to get you free.
Years ago when I discovered TK, I was in an exquisitely dark, painful passage of life and couldn’t imagine there was a way out. But I quickly found clarity and finally felt at home in my own skin. It happened so gently for me. It was like magic. I’ve come to understand that what eluded me in the past was a state of Beingness. A state that happens more and more as time goes on. Sometimes I even forget that I lived in struggle and drama at all. In working with others I have helped them overcome trauma, addictions and destructive behaviors.

“TK is a very powerful and guarded modality.”

Because TK works on subtle energies that underlie our mind and emotions, it has great transformative power, as well as great potential for misuse. It’s a power tool for the psyche. The modality is only taught to very small groups of dedicated students under constant mentorship. As a result, there are fewer than 100 active practitioners in the world. It does, however, borrow from applied kinesiology, meditation, visualization, color therapy and talk therapy.

If you’ve been feeling stuck on your path, overwhelmed by world affairs or just plain disconnected from life, my unique system is just what you’re looking for. I’ll show you how I set countless others free from bonds they couldn’t address any other way. If there was a driving passion behind all that I do, it would be to help others know themselves-and be free.

“Reconnection with the Soul is what officially ends the Dark Night of the Soul” – Matt

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